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Domain: Lords of Ether Kickstarter

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Hey all! Our new game is up for kickstarter! We have been gathering playtesters and getting opinions the past few months and it's here!

The game is called Domain: Lords of Ether is for 2-4 players and it is a cross between a card game and board game. The unique thing about Domain is that the players build the board as they go.

Players take turns drawing and playing world cards, which are interconnecting roads and dungeons, whose conquest is the objective of the game. Players move around the game world with a player token and dice rolls. Conquering dungeons give players more magical energy to summon monsters, cast hexes or lay traps (as well as use unique card abilities). Once a dungeon is conquered, monsters may be played in them to defend a player's territory. There is a balance between using monsters to defend, or playing them from your hand to conquer other player's territories. Dungeons also come in 1 of 5 domains, which when aligned with monster cards, boosts power or allows for the use of domain specific abilities.

Hexes are used to manipulate the game world, or boost combat abilities. They can be a real game changer when a tight battle for an important dungeon occurs! Combat has been designed to be simple and quick to resolve. Rather than using difficult to calculate numbers, the emphasis is on strategic use of abilities and hexes to win battles, as well as placing your troops where you need them in the game world.

The Kickstarter link is:

The game's webpage is:

Check it out and pledge if you'd like to support us!

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