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Dragonslayers available on TGC now!

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I am pleased to announce that Dragonslayers, the full version of my entry for the GDS November 2009 Challenge: "Travelling Light: King's Quest Edition" is as of now available on TGC!

Dragonslayers is a game for 1 - 2 Players by Andreas Propst

Once upon a time there was a kingdom covered with an endless, almost impenetrable wilderness. In the dark depths of the forests and swamps of this realm, horrible beasts and dragons lurked, often terrorizing the helpless farmers and village dwellers of the kingdom. In order to make an end to the terror and rid the country from the bestial scourge, the king summoned the bravest and most fearless heroes from all four corners of the country. He sent them on a noble quest to free the country of all dragons and foul beasts, to make the kingdom a safe place to live in.
Unfathomable peril, but also treasure, gold and glory await the fearless Dragonslayers!

The goal of the game:
is to slay all monsters without being killed. You can either play solo or two players. If you play two players, the player who slew the most monsters in the end wins. If you play solo, you can set a high score in your first game which you can try to beat in further games by trying to beat the game in as few turns as possible while amassing a maximum of gold!

The Dragonslayers Deluxe Edition is now available on TGC:

The (cards-only and significantly cheaper) Standard Edition is available here!

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