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E=Cube Released for free!

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I'm proud to announce that the E=Cube system is now available for download, free of charge!

The E=Cube is a system of elements and forces similar to the basic four elements everyone is used to. This system however takes it a step further by adding in four natural forces relative to the four basic elements. These forces and elements relate to each other and have different strengths and weaknesses to each other. Furthermore, the types can be combined to create new types, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Water and Fire types can be combined to create a Steam type. This system is a tool that can fit many types of games and genres. This system doesn’t seek to supersede a games’ rules, it merely adds on to them to give another layer of strategy. This is a useful tool for designers to use as all the possible combinations of the types are already determined in the source document. The designer simply needs to plug in the system to their game in whatever fashion it fits. It can also be modified to fit the game theme. The source document also comes with a basic set of icons that may be used royalty-free.

This system is free to use for private or commercial purposes as long as you give proper credit to its creators and artists.

Check it out here:

Please give us some feedback on it!

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