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Ed Marriott Interview

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Bellwether Games has released an interview with Ed Marriott, active participant in the online board game community and designer of the pepper farming game Scoville. In the interview Marriott describes the evolution of his upcoming game, the best ways to get plugged-in to the un-plugged game design community, and elements of his game design philosophy:

“Simplify! In the game design process it is so easy to add more and more little rules to cover the "what-if" scenarios in your game design. I always recommend starting simple and adding detail only when necessary.”

In the interview, Marriott also mentions a number of valuable resources for aspiring game designers such as a playtesting “pen pal” program and events for unpublished designers.
See the full interview at Bellwether Games’ website:

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Good interview. I agree that board gaming is a social endeavor.

Thanks for posting that.

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