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Faëria, digital CCG/Boardgame: Online Alpha weekend 14-16 Sept.

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A game's preview


Me and some friends have been involved for the past 3 years in the creation of a game that has grown very important to us.
We have worked on this in secrecy up to yersteday. It's an Online Strategy Card Game. Guaranteed 100% indie game spirit.

Read's preview to know more about it:

We would like to invite people from BGDF to this exclusive alpha session, I don't know your community very well right now but it looks like a very good place for exchanging thoughts and tricks on game design. I'm sure your feedback will be worth it and also you should like the game.

We love board games, from Agricola to Chess, through Caylus and Warhammer. This game borrows also a lot from Magic and Netrunner. We have tried to turn all that into something digital, without sacrificing depth. We have been designing this for years, always changing what we didn't like to keep only the best ideas and mechanics, in order to create something we're very excited to play, and more importantly, replay.

Many features and mechanics in this game revolve around its "board game" nature, it's really more than a card game. Its most eloquent originality is that players keep creating (or destroying...) the board as the game progresses. The point is that all your territory is where you can cast your creature and structure cards. Once they hit the board, your cards turn into pawns which are able to attack, move, harvest resources... All this inside a like system which finds opponents for you.

Here are the details for this very special session:
- the session will start on the 14th September 06:00pm GMT+1, it will last the whole week end.
- to apply, simply email me the nickname you'd like to use (alphanumeric, 12 chars max), feel free to add any particular flavor. Here's my email address: jeanmichel.vilain {hat} gmail {dowt} com
- you will receive a first email to confirm whether you have been selected or not
- the selected players will receive a second email just before the session starts including their login information
- the game is in alpha state, so you can expect bugs but it runs pretty well overall

Please share this post's url AT WILL! Thanks ;-)
Here's my twitter account, in case: @jiem_

If you've got a question or would like to share your impression, use this thread.

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