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Famous Missions (A celebrity themed multiplayer card game) is now on Kickstarter!

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I just launched Famous Missions on Kickstarter. The goal is $5500, so any help (pledges, or even just spreading the word) would be a huge help. Pledges start at $1, and $20 will get you a complete copy of the game shipped (plus an Uncle Carrot Top postcard). Thanks again! Hope you enjoy Famous Missions!

FAMOUS MISSIONS is a multiplayer card game for 2-6 players (3 works best). Suggested for ages 13 and up. Gameplay lasts 15-30 minutes. The game consists of 108 cards. One player acts as a judge and chooses a mission card (for example: Prevent an Alien Invasion) and the other two players choose 3 person teams to handle the mission. The teams are made up of celebrities (Hulk Hogan, Paris Hilton, Carrot Top) and famous people throughout history (Edgar Allan Poe, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller). After playing their team, they get a chance to defend them by explaining why they are the better team. Finally the Judge declares the best team for the job.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter project, with gameplay video.


Do you remember when Gene Simmons, Mr. T, and Albert Einstein banded together to disarm that bomb?

That would have been awesome if it really happened.

In FAMOUS MISSIONS you can make it happen! Instead you might choose Mother Teresa, Hulk Hogan and Steve Irwin. Or Donald Trump, Joan of Arc and Danny DeVito. Choose whoever you want, and defend your choice.

FAMOUS MISSIONS is a multiplayer card game for 2-6 players. Suggested for ages 13 and up. Gameplay lasts 15-30 minutes. The game consists of 108 cards.

Primarily, I want to make games. I received a ton of support on my previous Kickstarter project Lines of Fire, and I've thought long and hard about what I wanted to do next.

I want to get Famous Missions out there to a larger audience. I self published a few dozen copies of the game a few years ago, but self-publishing in a large scale is very expensive and very hard for a small game designer like myself. I chose Famous Missions because everyone who plays REALLY enjoys themselves. I've experienced it myself, watched from the sidelines, and received emails from strangers who have played the game saying that they've had a blast.

It's also a game that's very dear to me for two reasons:

1. I created all of the artwork. One of my biggest dilemmas when creating games is obtaining art. I want to be an artist so bad, but it just doesn't work for me. I thought I'd try it myself on this game, and I think it actually worked.

2. The game encourages creativity. Players need to come up with scenarios and defend themselves. It's a different game every time, depending on the cards that are drawn and the people playing the game. Usually even the shyest players will start to come out of their shell after a few rounds.

So I would like to make a retail quality, full deluxe release of Famous Missions. With each game project, I've inched closer and closer to retail quality, so I'd love to finally hit that mark. It's expensive though!

Almost all of the work is already done. The original set was 63 cards, but I'm adding another 45 to this version to make it bigger than ever. It will extend the gameplay, and give everyone more for their money.

During the course of this Kickstarter campaign, I will be revealing all of the cards through updates.

We're going to offer some fun rewards too. The face masks will be awesome. Postcards too. More to come as we go on. If we can pass our goal amount we can pack even more into the game. As you may or may not know, the more you order, the cheaper it is per unit. So that allows us to spend a little more on more components and cards.

The money is 100% being used for the production of this game. I'm going to order a run of the games in high quality printed two-piece boxes. As you know, it's extremely expensive and basically impossible for one person to cover. At least it is for me... someone with a normal job, normal bills, a not so normal 3 year old daughter and 1 year old twins. If I were to try this on my own, I'd have to take out a loan or put it on credit cards and pay for it for the rest of my life. I can't afford do that.

With the help of everyone on Kickstarter, we can release this game!! And afterwards, we can work on more games! Famous Missions is also very easily expandable, so I can continue making additional cards and we can be friends forever!

Thanks again everyone! Please spread the word about my little celebrity game. Every little bit helps!!

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