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Fates of Madness, an RPG Card Game Kickstarter

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Fates of Madness

Legendary Games in partnership with Mythica Gaming has launched its first RPG card game, Fates of Madness Kickstarter! This project is intended to create a RPG rules lite cooperative adventure card game based on the popular Gothic Campaign Compendium. This diceless game is varied by the use of fate cards and skill level to determine success or failure. As the journey continues, madness sets in compounding the difficulty. Will anyone survive or will it end in a total party kill?

This horror themed adventure project will be fulfilled in December 2018.

Rachel Ventura, Business Director of Legendary Games, said “I am so excited about this partnership and new avenue of games from Legendary Games. We were impressed with Mythica Gaming’s flagship game Legend of Draxia which is why we approached them about creating a card game based on Legendary Games products. We plan to have a long working relationship with many more games to come!”

Publisher, Jason Nelson states, “It is time to make card games legendary!”

Lead Game Designer Jimmy Sanders agreed, "We immediately found kindred spirits in Rachel and Jason, and the partnership that quickly evolved is fantastic. We are very excited about this game and what future collaborations will bring!"

The Kickstarter ends July 9th 2018. You can see more here:

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Only 3 days left!

Only 3 days left of this Kickstarter! Fates of Madness is a cooperative RPG adventure card game based on the Gothic Campaign Compendium. Plays Solo or up to 5 Players in 20-40 minutes!

6 Character Cards
4 Character Hit Point Tracker Cards
13 Location Cards (7 Scenarios and 6 Monsters)
5 Boss Monsters Cards
1 Monster Hit Point Tracker Cards
27 Fate Cards
16 Equipment Cards
20 Potion Cards
14 Treasure Cards

Use the madness cards to increase the difficulty. Replay different locations, monsters, or scenarios. Can you defeat the boss monster or will it end in a TPK?

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