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First Bonus for Imperial Crusade Armada has been Unlocked

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I want to thank everyone that has supported Imperial Crusade Armada on Kickstarter because we have reached the $3500 level and have unlocked the first bonus. The following are the bonus level rewards for the game.

$3500 - Printed supplement of Imperial Crusade Missions that adds scenario based victory conditions to the game and a pdf of the counters and cards needed for these scenarios. (Unlocked)

$5000 - Printed color counter for planets, black holes, and asteroids and plastic ship cards for freighters. I have found a printer that can make very large plastic cards so this bonus will include a large plastic card with an Imperial battle station on one side and a Star Republic base station on the other.

$6000 - A large ship card with an Imperial Super Dreadnaught on one side and a Star Republic Battleship on the other.

$10,000 - Printed Fleet Tactic cards so there is nothing that ever needs to written down during a battle.

To download the “Print and Play” rules for Imperial Crusade Armada use the following link:

The Kickstarter site for Imperial Crusade Armada is:

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