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GameCon Memphis -- Chicago Toy & Game Fair / Rio Grande Game Design Contest

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Wow.. how many titles can I pack in one subject line? Anyway that's not important here.

First off I apologize if this is old news on this site, but I searched and only came up with a passing mention of this and thought it warrants a little more coverage.

In case you haven't heard the Chicago Toy & Game Fair is hosting a contest in which one lucky designer will get their game published by Rio Grande Games. Actually, more than one designer may get published, but that decision rests with Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games.

Starting next month various game groups around the US will be hosting qualifier events for this contest. Unfortunately some of them have already closed their submssions, however, many are still open. These qualifier events are blind play test sessions, with one game being selected by the play testers to pitch their idea in Chicago. The winning designer will win admission into the Chicago Toy & Game Fair and get 30 minutes of Jay Tummelson's time to pitch their game. (Sadly, travel, lodging, and other expenses are on the designer).

Ok, so that is the ChiTAG and Rio Grande part of my title.... what about GameCon Memphis?

Well, I'm the coordinator for this event at GameCon Memphis. We are a three day gaming convention held the last weekend of September and that is when our play test event will be held. Registration for the play test event closes on September 11th. We are accepting mail in submissions with the caveat that local entries will get priority if space becomes an issue. I've got a large amount of space and very few entries right now.

The rules at each location vary, so let me go over the basic rules real quick.

1) This is a blind play test session. That means that the designer is welcome to observe, but cannot participate or assist the players.

2) Games that have been published (including self published), copyrighted, and/or have patents against them will be rejected by Rio Grande Games and thus are inelligble for this contest.

3) The winner will be selected by the play testers using a method determined by the organizers.

4) The winner must pitch the game in Chicago in person. Proxy submissions at ChiTAG are not permitted.

If you want to learn more you can visit the announcement thread on Boardgame Geek here:

Or visit our website:

And if all that fails you (or you just want to jump straight to the chase) email me at:

And if you just want to jump to entering into the GameCon Memphis qualifier play test event then email me with the following info and I'll follow up: Name of the Game, Name(s) of the designer(s), Number of Players, Genre, Synopsis, Game Length, and an electronic copy of the rules.

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