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Global Game Jam 2020: More Push for Tabletop Games

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For those of you who don't know about it, the Global Game Jam is a worldwide event that takes place over a weekend each year, where people come together to make games based on a theme announced at the start of the event. This years GGJ starts Friday this week.

I'm posting news of this here because in recent years - and in particular this year - there's been more and more of a push to create analog, tabletop games. Personally, this will be my third year in a row participating, and I'm strongly considering creating a tabletop game of some kind (instead of a video game, which is the most common end result, by far). I've had a blast doing this, and have the good fortune of a local video game studio hosting the event, so lots of local game-makers hang out together all weekend. And they have free coffee. :D

Additionally, GGJ always includes some extra challenges or guidelines, which they call "Diversifiers." This year, they address including analog components: specifically, a d20. It's not that groundbreaking of course, but it's an inroad for tabletop gaming, and an acknowledgement that tabletop game design is a viable process with worthwhile products.

Is anyone else interested in participating this year?

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