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Gods of TYN HARRA - Kickstarter is live.

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Gods of TYN HARRA Kickstarter campaign is live!

Help bring to life the world of TYN HARRA with the first game set in this world. Expansion in the works, which will also be a stand alone game. Both games with interchangeable parts!

Gods of TYN HARRA is game of skill, designed to take luck out of the equation by drafting 12 of your 25 cards in your deck. Place your Vorpal Shard in the place that will benefit you the most, you only get one. Each player begins with the same base amount of Mystic Shards to cast spells each turn. The only advantage you have is your skill in drafting, casting and using your abilities at the correct time.

There are 3 types of cards you’ll use to defeat your opponents, Creatures, Relics and Spells.

When you cast your angel, demon, dragon or wizard you must choose between the defense zone or the attack zone. You can move them later if you need more defense or attackers to finish off someone.

When your creatures die, collect Soul Shards and use them to acquire more powerful spells!

The best part, in a 3 or 4 player game, is you’re defending yourself against the player on the right while attacking the player on the left. This makes the strategy change throughout the game as you react to the other players. In a 4-player game, you cannot attack the player directly across from you or to the right; you may only attack the player to your left.

Every game is different
Learn in 5 Minutes
Fast Rounds
Action Packed
Several Expansions in development
Expansion Co-op Campaigns in development

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Nice video with Zee! How did

Nice video with Zee! How did you go about that?

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Interesting concept

It's great to see other designers find new and exciting ways to use the deck-builder concept. It looks beautiful and you have a reasonable funding goal.

Best of luck to you.


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Contributed towards helping the KS

Although I only chose the $1.00 USD reward tier, I donated $20 USD to the campaign. What I noticed is that NOBODY is "talking" either about you (Mike Hopper), the game, the journey, etc. Anything relevant to the game...

You want people to be ENGAGED in the process... And build a community of backers not just disparate people here and there buying your game.

Anyways I feel so very honored to be the #1 Comment poster on your KS. Let's see of we can build some more HYPE around the game ... to maybe get people more excited and interested in being a part of your game's KS community.


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