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Gooey Cube LIVE ON KS

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Joined: 04/08/2012

Here is my friends' group KS project that I am helping to send out the word far and wide. Please take a few moments to Check it out. Thank you. Bows respectively.


Hello Friends!! Our Kickstarter just surpassed $75K!! Some have asked about our Stretch Goals. They are magnificent!! Please tell your friends as we have an interesting opportunity at $100k if we make it by November 22nd, that is!!

As to specifics on the stretch goals:

We are slowly building a Limited Edition "old-style" Deck of Perilous Fortuity on a "card by card" basis as we "smush" every tier.

Every tier also features artworks with more than a few offering portraits from non-portraited NPCs from the adventures

We've already unlocked one side-quest adventure and are working on another

As noted above, at $100k we open up some very interesting Stretch Goals AND... If we can get to $100k by November 22nd we'll unlock the totally odd adventure whose cover is posted below.

We've also updated our Kickstarter page to show all the Stretch Goals more easily. To see all the stretch goals, please click the link:

Also... Many more Add-Ons will soon be posted including Gooey T-Shirts, Character Folios, The new Gooey Dice, and more!!

Lastly... a few pages from our Lore Book of the Wesverd to give you an idea of the quality of our materials!!

Give us a back... you will not regret it!! =)

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