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Happy Thanksgiving

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Joined: 04/09/2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all you beautiful, strange, odd, helpful and wonderfully critical Board Game Designers. Hope you are all happy, healthy, and inspired to bring your families closer together with your board game ideas this Holiday Season.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Hmm... Not sure about that!?

Isn't today "Black Friday" (November 27th)??? The day AFTER "Thanksgivings" which is on a Thursday...! I'm not an American so I could be wrong... But I think I am correct that you are one day late with the calendar.

Either way "Happy Black Friday" and I hope your Thanksgivings was quiet, peaceful and a well merited break from the usual routine.


let-off studios
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Joined: 02/07/2011
Enjoy the Holiday

Thanks for the well-wishing, and I'm also hoping that folks make the most of this time of year.@evansmind244, I'm certain your game will spark a number of family traditions as soon as it hits the table.

For me personally, I don't celebrate most holidays. However, I am most definitely on vacation, having spent it mostly in solitude at the shore. It's been very calm and peaceful. And I did eat one of those gigantic "tofurkey" roasts through the past few days. :) Things are all right.

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