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Imperial Crusade Armada has just been released on Kickstarter again!

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I just released released Imperial Crusade Armada on Kickstarter. If you are still interested in the game please support us at the following site:

Imperial Crusade Armada

A Unique Space Combat Game

• The Imperium Fights For Conquest

• The Star Republic Fights For Freedom

• Only One Can Win

Imperial Crusade Armada is a strategic tabletop card game where mighty starships fight in the darkness of space. Battles between a few ships can be played in a couple of minutes or massive fleet battles can be played in about an hour. Cards represent each ship in a player’s fleet and they are moved around the table during combat. The distances between each card on the table is used to determine the range when these ships fire their weapons. A ship card’s position and facing determine what targets it can fire on and which shields defend it from attack. Damage, energy allocation, and system usage are recorded directly on each ship card with a dry erase pen. Players create their own fleets by selecting ships available to their factions while remaining within the Fleet Cost of the upcoming battle and adding fleet tactics to support these ships.

Players: 2
Age: 12+
Time: 30 to 60 Minutes

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Congrats on already meeting

Congrats on already meeting your goal (with 49 days to go)! ;)

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Good Luck!

Just threw my support behind the project as well.

Good luck!!

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Wow, nice low goal - straight

Wow, nice low goal - straight away succesfull!

Good job buddy, congratulations :)

Now go and start posting out packages!! ^^

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