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Infinite Power Expandable Card Game Starter now at Adventure Game Source

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New product listing on Adventure Game Source

Infinite Power Expandable Card Game Starter

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero or supervillain? Ever wonder who would win in a fight? Would the Powerhouse really beat the Gadgeteer or would the Blaster reign supreme? Maybe some combination of powers is best, or perhaps focusing on one thing and doing it well is the path to victory? Build your super your way and prove its worth in exciting, fast-paced combat! Imagine a world of individuals with unbelievable power, exciting adventures, and dangerous adversaries. This is the Infinite Power Universe. The Infinite Power ECG (expandable card game) lets you play as one of the supers in this world. Building your super as you go, you will play cards to show what attacks you have mastered as well as what defenses you have at your disposal. You will also have the chance to power yourself up or hinder your opponents to ensure you are the dominant super. Learning the game is quick and easy. The Infinite Power Card Game creates an incredible stage for you and your friends with a growing base of cards currently numbering in the hundreds. You have two 60 card decks of those cards in this starter. Now you can begin building your super and playing against your friends. Play the game with Archetypes or mix and match from hundreds of cards to build your own deck and rule the Infinite Power Universe! Come watch our tutorial video and the Rulebook at

Blaster Archetype Deck (3x20) 60 card deck.
Powerhouse Archetype Deck (3x20) 60 card deck
2 Game Steps Cards
22 double-sided Conditions Cards
Infinite Power Rulebook
1 eight-sided die
16 power tokens

List price: $29.99

Other expansions for Infinite Power on AGS are:

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Infinite Power ECG: Psionic Expansion
Infinite Power ECG: Blaster Deck
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