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Introducing The Independent Game Designer's Alliance

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The Independent Game Designer's Alliance is a Facebook fan page (

It's purpose is simply to report news and announcements specific to independent game developers. New Game releases and Kickstarter announcements will be part of that. We will also be using the Photo Albums to showcase games by independent developers who wish to have their games advertised there. We plan on using the Notes section to post game reviews and design articles. Same with the Videos section. This will also be a social forum for anyone to share their ideas. This page is for you to read about your colleagues as well as to have your own material seen and read about. No commitment is necessary. You can just peruse what we put out or you can share what you wish. We hope that you can at least take a moment to click "Like" on the page and help support this movement.

Why this page at all? First off, we don't want to be competing with established websites such as Board Game Geek and Board Game Designer's Forum. Those sites are good at what they do and no reason to change that. However its easy for indie games to get lost in the shuffle. The Alliance will be more indie friendly by aiming to serve their needs. How will this help? By offering news, reviews and other information, indie developers will have another outlet to gain recognition and put out pertinent information. Even if this does not really interest you, please take a moment to check us out and give us a small token of support or let your friends that may be interested know about it.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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