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It's been some time but Into the Black is coming back!

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Into the Black: Boarding Party Preview Copy

I very prematurely launched the Kickstarter for Into the Black last September. Even with the game in it's (at that time) unfinished state and little to no marketing I managed some 100 backers, but cancelled the campaign and used it as a lesson in what not to do (or what to improve).

I've spent the subsequent almost a year now further developing the game, making significant improvements and overall increasing the play-ability and graphic design elements and sending it out for a ton of blind play testing.

Now, I just received 10 preview copies from Print and Play Games and will be sending most of those out to reviewers over the course of this week.

The new Kickstarter for Into the Black: Boarding Party, the first in a series of games set in the Game of Space Piracy universe will be going live for the month of September, 2017.

Here's hoping this time around is received well enough to fund! With hard work and dedication I think it will.

You can see a preview of the rules and some more information at our website,

If anyone would like to provide feedback on the rule book I'm more than happy to listen! It's still going through spelling and grammar checking, layout and having some more graphics and examples added, but the rules themselves are completed (minus some difficulty level/scale-ability rules).

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