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Jason Tagmire Interview

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Card artwork from Pixel Lincoln

If you just can't get enough of everyone's favorite President, Abraham Lincoln, these days, check out Bellwether Games interview with designer, Jason Tagmire, designer of the unique side-scrolling deck-building card game, Pixel Lincoln. In the interview, Tagmire reveals the challenges and rewards of using Kickstarter to fund a board game, what it’s like to work with Game Salute, and why a game designer needs to be a jack of all trades.

"[Game Designers] need to be super creative, logical and in most cases, mathematic. Then they need to be an artist and graphic designer. With prototyping there is a big hands-on stage where any carpentry or assembly skills come into play. And then it's time to market your game, so you need to be a writer, blogger, editor, proofreader, and promoter. And if you are pitching your game to publishers, you need to be a salesman. If you go to conventions, you need to be a good teacher and speaker. It's a lot to take on." – Jason Tagmire

Here is a link to the full interview at Bellwether Games' website:

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Interesting interview. I

Interesting interview. I loved the game and graphic design of Pixel Lincoln - it deserved to be the huge success it has become. The idea to incorporate retro pixel graphics was inspired and perfectly complimented the theme and mechanics of the game design.

I saw a deck of general Bycicle Cards with some pixel graphics hurriedly slapped on achieve over the asking on Kickstarter the other day.

It would have been nice to see the reto pixel display limited to this game alone, without others jumping on the band wagon of its well deserved success and diluting its magic with inferior offerings.

Still, thats the commercial world, a project experiences success and everyone emulates it to cash in. None the less 'Pixel Lincoln' is a class act in overall game design (wish I'd thought of it) and it was nice to hear about Jasons approach to designing.

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