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Kickstarter will start becoming an International service by the end of this year! - An interview with Kickstarter

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Hiya guys,

Just posted up my interview with Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter.

It's a long article but really informative. Great news for all non US citizens looking to get on board the kickstarter train: by the end of the year Kickstarter is looking to open up it's service for international projects!

-Love sam

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Amazing news.

Amazing news, thanks for the great interview!

I wonder what impact opening up international projects will have to the Kickstarter ecosystem? By the sounds of some of Yancey's answers, it might be rolled out over a longer period, which would go a long way to mitigating the huge rush of eager project creators outside of the US that would flood in. It would, however, be frustrating if you had to wait even further if your country was not yet supported.

I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about this.

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Mighty informative

The article includes many significant points. PayPal doesn't align with their business model. The Amazon payment system works well but currently, only equipped to process domestic transactions. Kickstarter is intended for smaller-sized independent projects, the type in which funding is not readily available. Kickstarter is not a means for companies to acquire start-up capital. Game design is an artistic endeavor supported by Kickstarter. The scope can span design, manufacturing and distribution.

Hopefully, there are safeguards against fraud. I haven't yet found very much on this topic. A project could look very legitimate but have no honest plan to follow through after being funded. The reputation of Kickstarter could be defamed and public trust lost, deceiving everyone including Kickstarter. These innovators truly do provide a great service. International service may generate even greater suspicion. Personally, I would trust and consider a funding contribution towards smaller projects having precise objectives with a reasonable goal. Are there protective measures in place?

-- Wayne

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Although newly registered, Im

Although newly registered, Im on kickstarter quite often since then, looking for new projects all the time.

I also had contact with the support, but being located in germany i cannot send in proposals at the moment. They did not confirm internationalisation of kickstarter and in fact their reply was a bit of a downer to me ("cannot confirm, no timeline yet, can't say anything about that").

Well, lets keep our fingers crossed - hopefully this wonderful idea will be available in my country someday (until then im polishing my projects hehe).

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