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Kickstarting Lyssan

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I'm proud to announce the Kickstarting of my first game: Lyssan.

Lyssan is a medieval land wracked by never-ending civil war, a unified empire in name only. Players in the game contend for the throne with mighty knights, canny nobles, scheming priests, and devious spies. Each claimant-emperor must outmaneuver their rivals on the battlefields and in the shadows, or find their claim ended at the edge of a blade.

There's a lot in Lyssan that I'm exceedingly proud of. For starters:
- It's constantly challenging. Players will need to approach each game with a different strategy in order to win.
- It blends euro-simple rules with the cut-throat competitiveness of a wargame.
- From the very first turn, you see evolving conflicts between the players.

Following in the footsteps of other Kickstarted boardgames (Hi Seth!) backers on Kickstarter will receive exclusive bonus cards for the game.

The kickstarter campaign is up at:

...and there's a lot more info about the game at:

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It looks like a great project

It looks like a great project !
The extra $20 for outside US shipping is a bit frightening though ^^
Is the card sample the final layout ? ( the illustration is great, but I think the rest could be much clearer and readable - hope you don't mind my "frankness" )
Good luck !

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