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Kings of Combat: Gladiatorial Tournament on Kickstarter!

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We are very pleased to announce the release of Kings of Combat: Gladiatorial Tournament on Kickstarter!

Kings of Combat is a 2-4 player Gladiator Combat Board Game that combines SKILL through gameplay strategies and LUCK through the roll of the dice. Down your opponents in battle, take their Clan Tokens and Win the Crown!

We are currently up on Kickstarter, so please check us and our great pledge rewards out at:

For over half a century the arena has been the site where disputes have been settled, games have been won and wars have been waged. Built for one purpose only - GLADIATOR COMBAT.

Every year the Kings of Combat Tournament is held here. Warriors from far and wide come to compete. For it is the Ultimate Test of strength and courage. Winning proves once and for all that your clan is the fiercest and most respected throughout the land. One warrior from each clan is chosen to compete. Prove yourself worthy and let it be known you are the King of Combat!

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Looks great!

This looks great!
Best of luck!

Levi Mote
Bonsai Entertainment

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Nice Work

Video looks great as does the prototype. Best of luck on this one!!!

Kyle Gabhart
Driftwood Games

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