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Korea Board Game Results

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The results of the Korea Board Game Design competition where posted earlier today.

Well done to Seoane who won the competition with 'Love Means Nothing'

Here are the results in full

1st) Love Means Nothing, by Ariel Seoane from Uruguay

2nd) Grazing Lands, by Christwart Conrad from Germany

3rd) Promises, Promises, by Carlos Moreno Serrano from the U.K.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and to the people at Korea Board Games for running a great new design compeition. I think the team where surprised at the quality and quantity of entries, but they performed admirably in their response to questions and the unexpected enthusiasm everyone had for the event.

Hopefully, this will be the first incarnation of an annual competition. Europe and America already host some great design competitions, along with a number of prestigious award events. It would be nice to have a standing showcase for new talent that is centered in the Asian continent.

I personally liked how some of the games had Korean Characters in the name translations on the Geek summary. Maybe next year, or even to mark the occasion this time, it might be nice if the finalists received a momento of the event - in the form of their game name in Korean Calligraphy or Charcters on fabric/quality paper (as a keep sake).

Once again, well done Seoane - a well desrved win :)

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