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Korea Boardgames Game Design contest

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It looks like Korea Boardgames is holding a game design contest. Check out their post on BGG for more details!

2012 KBG Game Design Challenge

I. Topic Card Games

II. Jury Criteria

  • Elegance (Easy rules that still provide interesting and engaging gameplay)
  • Technical excellence (Well-rounded rules without loopholes or imbalances)
  • High replay value
  • Originality

III. Entry Conditions

  • Both new and experienced authors may participate
  • Only one game per author
  • Only original, unpublished games
  • No games that have been entered into other contests or submitted to a publisher
  • Only games that mainly use cards
  • A limited amount of other components is allowed
  • The complete game must fit into a 127x170x55mm box

IV. Required Submission Content

  • Complete rules (.pdf or .doc)
  • 1-2 Pictures of the game in progress
  • Game description (not more than one A4-page)
  • Author Information Sheet with (scanned) signature
  • Prototype (only if selected for the final round)

V. Prizes

  1. Place: 1000$
  2. Place: 400$
  3. Place: 200$

Excellent games that also fit our market requirements will be considered for publication at Korea Boardgames including a contract offer according to industry standards.

VI. Jury and Selection Process

  • The Jury will consist of the Korea Boardgames Editorial Team.
  • Jury decisions are final and there is no right of appeal
  • No reason for elimination from the contest will be given

VII. Other Rules

  • The rights to the games remain with the authors at all times.
  • KBG is not to be held liable for any unsolicited mailings
  • Entries that don’t fulfill the requirements outlined in section 3 of these rules will be disqualified
  • In case of fraud by participants, KBG reserves the right to withdraw or reclaim prizes as appropriate
  • Employees of KBG may not participate
  • Submissions should be sent to:

VIII. Timeline

Phase 1: (9/18 - 10/14) Concept Submission

  • 9/18 Start of Submission Period
  • 10/10 End of Submission Period
  • 10/14 Announcement of finalists

Phase 2: (10/14 - 11/7) Final Selection

  • 10/14 - 10/22 Finalists send their prototypes (KBG will cover postage)
  • 11/7 Winners are announced
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Thank you for posting this,

Thank you for posting this, but I already had done so, over there:

Maybe it's possible to merge the threads ?

Anyway we are happy that there seem to be many people interested and we are looking forward to see what everyone will come up with. :)

EDIT: Necessary files are now available:
Author Information Sheet:

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