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Liman textures vol.2 "Rusty metals"

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Dear friends,
we are glad to introduce to you our brand new texture collection Liman textures vol.2 "Rusty metals".

Textures vol.2 "Rusty metals" is a collection of high resolution images of seamlessly tileable textures. This texture collection is dedicated to rusty metallic surfaces, horribly painted sheet iron, corrugated iron with scratches and many others. All textures have been crafted from original photography and made seamlessly tileable by hand. The textures will suit environments for horror scenes, suburbs, garages, and so on. These textures will also help you to achieve fearful atmospheres in your scenes.
All textures are crafted in a way to not constantly bring repeating details to the user's attention when tiled.

In this collection you will find:

- a rich variety of colored rusty metals:

- excessively rusted metallic surfaces:

- rusty corrugated sheet iron:

... and many others. A complete description about all textures is included in the catalogue.

You can pick up this collection at :

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