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LIVE on Kickstarter - Tales of the Fabulist - a party game for creatives

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Joined: 12/25/2017
Check us out on Kickstarter NOW!

Monkey Gun Games is proud to launch our Kickstarter Campaign to fund the printing of Tales of the Fabulist. We are just out of the gate and have almost 40% funding already!

Tales of the Fabulist - a party game for creative people looking to laugh heartily, connect more deeply, and be human together.

There’s never a dull moment in Tales of the Fabulist. Everyone at the table participates in every story. Unlike other party games, Tales is short and sweet. It’s exactly a 6-minute engagement per story, and course changes come rapid-fire. Also, each character has its own sense of charismatic humor and exudes a charm that sparks creativity.

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Joined: 12/25/2017
Tabletopia - Live Now - Play Free Online

We have exciting news!!!
Thanks to the amazing team over at Tabletopia - a sophisticated virtual table top board game simulation - a mini version of Tales of the Fabulist is now accessible online. You can take a closer look at the game and even test drive it with your friends TODAY.

Time is running out... Grab your most creative friend and play now. Then make them pledge :-)

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE -

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Next time hit me up for a Ad Banner!

It would only be $20 USD for 30 days, 2 Slots (twice the visibility) and it could bring a lot of anonymous traffic to your KS. Plus you help support the continued operations of It's too late now ... Usually I troll KS for *NEW* projects that would fit. But as a fellow member I could have offered you double the time for the same price...!

Anyhow too late now. It's all about VISIBILITY nowadays. Someone says: "Hey have you heard of the Fabulist game?" Normal answer: "No!". But with an Ad Banner: "Yes I think I saw something on promoting the game..."

You get the idea. We don't do it for the money, we do it to help people, their businesses and projects. A KS for 30 days, 1 Slot is only $10 USD. That's the least expensive marketing you will ever find anywhere! Unless it's FREE and in that case they have very little traffic.


Note #1: On average we get about 500 UNIQUE Visitors a Day here over at Not too bad. It's a reasonable amount of traffic even though we only maybe have a dozen or two regulars!

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