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Livid Visage - Blind Playtest Tournament

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Hey guys, trying to help peoples and get my stuff going on, I decided that maybe I can start a small tournament for Livid Visage. Set 1 is considered to be complete and can be found :

This tournament is open to anybody willing to head down to the South Bay area in California, we are talking about Torrance - Huntington Beach area. Depending on where we host the tournament it will cost from $0 - $3 monies... not a whole lot for a tournament.

Prizing would be based on turnaround, but im pretty much looking at.
1st place to 4th get a complete set of set 1 and the chance to create a version of them selves in set 3.
5-8 will receive a copy of set 1.

Of course this is all based on attendance and cost of tournament. Ill keep people posted as we finalize dates and get stuff set for the tournament.

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