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Looking for Community Feedback on our new game!

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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to announce that Cosmic Wombat Games has published our first game to TheGameCrafter. The game is called Stones of Fate. It is a great casual game, playable in 30 minutes or less. It uses a memory mechanic where you place stones into a spread of Tarot cards and try to win the most victory points. The game has fantastic artwork provided by Ciro Marchetti (for more of his work see If you are looking for a casual game that will give you a great competitive feel without the time to sit down for 2+ hours then this is your game!
We are planning to kickstart this game starting this May but until then we would like to get as much feedback from the community as possible. So, please check it out and provide us with some feedback, a rating on BGG and maybe a review. We would much appreciate it.

We have 3 ways to acquire the game. The full version of the game can be purchased from TheGameCrafter here: It sells for $18.99

If you would like a cheaper version, there is a 2-player version that plays the same as the full version (it just has a subset of the cards so can only be played with 2 players) and is available from TheGameCrafter here: It sells for only $6.99!

Also, if that is still too much I am happy to provide you with a print-and-play copy for no charge. Just email me at and I will send one out to you.

The full rules are available at and sample artwork can be found on our facebook page:

Thank you so much for your time and feedback in playing this game. We look forward to making many great games for you in the future.


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