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Mad Rush Rally releases January 20th!

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Cool Factors:

Design the track while you race to get the advantage!
Create short-cuts on the fly and slip ahead of your friends!
Use ridiculous items like bowling balls on your competition!

Mad Rush Rally is a game that is light on strategy but big on fun. As you play through the game, you take turns with your opponents to place new pieces to your track while you're racing on it! This allows you to create the track to suit your own abilities. As well, players collect sacks of money littering the road which can be used to upgrade your car in your garage to handle straightaways or corners! Money can also be used to purchase insane and fun-to-use items; Items like the Booster, which let's you jet ahead of the competition; the Dodge Ball, which whacks your friend into missing their next turn; or the Squirrel, which creates a roadblock forcing players to change course! Plus 5 more items that shift the balance of the game! What's more, some items are left on the track to be used by, or to hinder, your friends - further customizing your track.

Mad Rush Rally offers a unique experience that brings fun back to the table.

Entered in the GameCrafter design challenge.

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