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McWiz Games' in-house designer is now freelancing with interesting services

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Board games are a way of life.

I am a freelance graphic designer offering the following services:

• Board games packaging design
• Licensed product design
• Consulting

I have 5 years' experience as in-house graphic designer with McWiz Games. Many board games have been awarded by Creative Child Magazine, iParenting and Dr. Toy. Moreover I created different National Hockey League (NHL) licensed games.

My mission: To work with PASSION and CREATIVITY to make your game a remarkable product.

Please take a few minutes to take a look on my online portfolio.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or any project to quote.

Best regards,

François Vanier
DCG Design | Communication graphique

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Take Credit

you should go to and add your self so you can get credit for the work you have done.

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