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Merry Christmas

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Joined: 04/18/2009

Just wanted to wish every one here on BGDF a Merry Christmas. Seing it is 02.20 here it is oficaly christmas. Bring out the presents... Woho!!!!!

Markus Hagenauer
Joined: 12/04/2009
Merry Chistmas to you

Merry Chistmas to you hulken.
And of course also Merry Christmas to all other BFDF fellows.

truekid games
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Joined: 10/29/2008
Happy Holidays :)

Happy Holidays :)

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Joined: 01/05/2010

Well, this was my first year at BGDF and I must tell you everyone that I've enjoyed it a lot. Meeting friendly and like minded people, sharing some great ideas, have been very interesting and fun. Thanks to you all and hope next year I'll keep hearing from your projects coming to life. Merry Christmas and happy holidays my fellow designers!

Keep thinking!

Joined: 09/20/2009
Happy Holidays!

It has been great to see a world of creativity to help inspire and refine! You all rock!

I hope to see a whole new world of creativity in the new year!

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