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Monster Kids self published card game

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Joined: 01/05/2011
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Just joined BGDF and want to let everyone know about my self-published card game, Monster Kids!

When the lights go out and monsters come creeping, who is going to stop them? Monster Kids! These super powered teens are the only ones standing in the way of the monsters taking over the world. They sneak out at night to battle the fiends of darkness and get home before mom and dad find out!

Monster Kids is a fast paced, action card game. The players choose a character and work together to battle dangerous monsters. Players must use their cards carefully because the team wins, or loses, together! For those that don’t play well with others, you can play Monster Kids in versus mode battling to see who can defeat the most monsters. So whatever your taste, Monster Kids is sure to give you a monstrous, great time!

Check out the website, all feedback is welcome!

I also want to help others promote their work, check the website for info!

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