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MYOB! New DungeonCrawl Cardgame! Free Rules to Play at!

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MYOB KickStarter

MYOB is a Rogue-like, Dungeon Crawler Card Game playable with a standard deck of cards and 5 six-sided Dice!

Single or Multiplayer, MYOB brings the RPG experience in a way that tributes Classic games like Solitaire and Yahtzee.

The full game of MYOB is available for free under a Creative Commons license and the rule are available at MYOBrpg!

Players draw cards to explore a dungeon, defeating monsters by rolling dice and collecting their loot! Defeat both BOSS monsters to win and collect the highest Bounty!

There will be a Kick-Starter for Official MYOB Packs but the Rules are Free and Playable with a Standard Poker deck with 2 Jokers!

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