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NaGa DeMon

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Joined: 08/11/2008

Just realized that no one has started a thread for NaGa DeMon here on BGDF yet (having seen at least two threads on bgg so far), so...

"National Game Design Month is about making and playing games. In 2011 during the month of November I want You to create and play your own boardgame, RPG, flash computer game, choose-your-own-adventure book, wargame, cardgame or other destracting novelty. The rules are simple – create, write and play (at least once) a game during the month."

While it says "National", I'm not even sure what nation that would be, so I'm just treating it as "International" and might try to come up with something. Although almost half of the months is over and I haven't started.

Anyone else? Post here if/when you have something to show!

One of the few rules says you need to start work on the game in November, so you can't start from an old project, but you can use old ideas or notes. I'm seeing this as a good excuse to postpone my current projects and dig up some old idea that I have not managed to do something with before, but we'll see.

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NaGaDeMon is what prompted me

NaGaDeMon is what prompted me to come back to BGDF and start posting.

I thought maybe I could crank out a first draft of my "PACKRATS" idea, but I'm under some school deadlines, I've received no response, and I'm preparing for an international move (in the direction of home).
It would take some pretty drastic, hardcore efforts and a lot of heretofore uncollected experience/help to crunch it through before the end of the month.

I guess I'm participating by cheering others on and offering helpful commentary where possible.

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Joined: 08/11/2008

Time again, but in June this year? Or is it just a similar event based on the same idea...? Not sure yet, and Google didn't help.

The Naga Demon in November last year was about any kind of game and explicitly listed boardgames. This NagaDemo only mentions them in the FAQ...

"Can I make a board game?

Board games, card games, and other non-electronic games are fantastic ways to learn and iterate on game design. They’re harder to share with the wider world, though, which sadly makes them kind of second-class citizens for an event like this one. But hey, who are we to stop you?"

Somehow it feels like the organizers are not much into boardgames, definitely not much into pnp boardgames.

EDIT: OK, this is the National Game Development Month, not the National Game Design Month. Silly me. (Thanks to Nate K on bgg for pointing that out.)

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