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NESTORBOOSTER: Publish your games with NESTORGAMES

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Joined: 07/27/2008

Dear folks,

NESTORBOOSTER is in beta mode. To be launched next Monday :)


Néstor, from NESTORGAMES.

Joined: 07/27/2008
NESTORBOOSTER is born and starts accepting game designs!

NESTORBOOSTER is born and starts accepting game designs :)

Markus Hagenauer
Joined: 12/04/2009
I gave it a try and it was a big success

I´d like to share with you the expierience with nestorbooster.

When I first heard about nestorbooster, my first tought was "Do we realy need another crowdfunding platform".
But after a close look at it, I reccogniced it was different.
With a funding goal of only 500 € (about 675 $ ), this is a good chance for designers to get their game published.
If you want, you can even fund it yourselves and so get a small printrun of you game for a reasonable price.
Of course, if you want to get rich, nestorgames might not be the best choice, but if thats you goal, maybe designing board games is not a good choice anyway.

As I knew at requirements to fit the nestorgames format - because one of my games was published by nestorgames and I own several others too - I thought my "42 - Hyperspace Expressway" that was published as PnP first, might be a good choice to give it a try.
And as Néstor told me, he could produce the unusually shaped tiles quite cheap, the decisssion was made.
I designed a small thumbnail for the campaign and sent all necessary informations to Néstor.
Then Néstor did all the work and I was involved in all decissions.

On 10th of January the campaign started, Néstor and me advertised the game on BGG and facebook and now it is 100% funded and can be overfunded until 10th of February at

So I can conclude I´m deeply contented with nestorbooster until now.
And as I own a dozen of gemes by nestorgames, I´m sure I will not be disapointed by the quality of the components either.

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