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New Family Game with a realistic martial arts format

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To All,

My wife and I run home based business called Venson Products and Services. We specializes in family based game products. For the past year we have specifically dedicated ourselves to a series of high quality card games and board games called Martial World. We have over 20 years of experience in game developments and our customers associations include 3 local martial arts schools, 4 online game distribution sites and a growing customer base from Ohio to Virginia.

What is Martial World? Martial World is an exciting card game series, focused on historical and mythical forms of martial arts. A special effort to compliment the historical respect, is displayed in the artwork, and the simplistic structure. The object is to play fast, be smart and stay balanced with your techniques. The most exciting “Wow” factors are the wide varieties of strategic combinations. The biggest bonus is that no martial arts experience is necessary to play. Each game box contains training cards which are used to win sparring matches. Each box supports 1-5 players and anyone ages 7 and up can play.

For the past year we have been selling games to our target market. Even though our inventory can handle large sales quantities we are selling games 2 or 3 game boxes at a time. We know that we can effectively sell games in limited amounts. Our wholesale price structure is economically sound and our retail price is a great value based on the current economy. This year we would like to expand our market share (sale larger quantities of card boxes more consistently). I am currently interviewing marketing and advertising firms that have a history of taking small game publishers and marketing them to larger card and board game distribution companies. (For a fee of course)

Is this the best approach? If not, please let me know where I should make any adjustments. All feedback is good feedback.

Thanks All


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