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New Game Designer Interview: Bryan Tillman of Dark Legacy

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Game Designer, Bryan Tillman

Bellwether Games has released an interview with Bryan Tillman, designer of Role-Playing Card Game Dark Legacy and owner of Kaiser Studios. In the interview Tillman describes the inception of Dark Legacy, why he believes it is going to be a hit, as well as the importance of person-to-person promotion of new games.

“I am a firm believer that it is better to talk to someone face-to-face then over the computer.” Said Tillman, “It is just more personable and to be honest people get to see just how enthusiastic I am about Dark Legacy and that normally gets them pretty excited about the product.”

In the interview, Tillman also shares a host of great artwork he has created for the Dark Legacy universe, and gives insight into his next designs.

See the full interview at Bellwether Games’ website.

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