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Nightstalker Games featured in Senpai Magazine

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Nightstalker Games, an independent game design company, is being featured in Senpai Magazine. This game company is working hard at carving a niche for themselves as well as pave the way for other independent game designers. Take a moment to view the article and leave some feedback. Be sure to let your friends also know about this article and learn more about Nightstalker Games.

Senpai Magazine article:

Nightstalker Games is the creator of Wild Pursuit!, Monster Kids, Dragon Blast and Auction Junktion.

Please visit Nightstalker Games ( - Games That Won't Go Quietly Into The Night.

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Nice write-up

That's a nice write-up about your indy game company, and a good description of your games too (with pictures!). We've had good times playing Wild Pursuit, Dragon Blast, and most recently Auction Junktion.

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