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NON-TRIVIAL QUEST Invitation for Reviewers

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Joined: 02/24/2011
NTQ Game Setup

NON-TRIVIAL QUEST new board game is the opposite of trivia by testing your knowledge of the important things in life that we all need to know in today's world. It makes learning fun, interesting, and educational for family, parties, and friends ages 10-110. The game was introduced in 2011 and received great reviews as seen on, and won the 10 best games for 2011 award by Dr. Toy.

Samples are available for reviewers of new games and would like to participate. We would like your reviews posted on your favorite Web site, blogs, and forums, plus at our game on and our game blog at You can also get more information about the game at and E-mail me at to get your free sample for review.

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