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Oh no!!! James Mathe has passed away!!!

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Here is a link to a Reddit Thread about this news:

Reddit Post about James' Death

From that link, you can click on the Facebook link which has a LOT of people offering their condolences to the Family...

Very un-expected! And SUDDEN, oh wow!!!

Rest-In-Peace @James

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It certainly was really sad news. He has added a lot to the boardgames world in general and the game design community in particular, and will be missed.

let-off studios
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My Condolences

What a loss to the game-design community. I hope his family and friends take care.

The Professor
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Farewell to a mentor

Long before folks like Jamey Stegmaier came along, James Mathe was the one anyone who knew about the budding board game industry turned for assistance. Among them, I could myself very fortunate to have communicated via e-mail with him on a number of occasions discussing art/illustration, game design ideas, and the industry writ large. He will be missed by hundreds of folks whose lives he simply sharing his passion and dispensing knowledge to those who asked.

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I wonder...

What will happen with ?! It is such an excellent source of information about the Game Industry and Kickstarter, etc. Would be a real shame to lose all that valuable information...

Plus without James to maintain it, I'm guessing the information will become stale too... (over time) But I guess most of the information will be accurate for a while longer (maybe a few years)...

What will they do? Will his estate maintain that website also?? Feeling real bad that @James is no longer with us, but what about all that curated information???

Peace @James... Let's hope someone can continue your legacy!

The Game Crafter
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Yep, our staff and many in

Yep, our staff and many in our community are very sad to hear this. He will be missed by many.

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