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Ortus: 2 player tactical board game. Website online now!

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Joined: 02/16/2010

Hey peeps,

I very irregularly write something here but today I am proud to share my new website with you guys. It took a great deal of time to make it and I had to learn Dreamweaver to pull it off, but it's finally online.

please visit the following link:

Ortus is still unpublished but a verdict is pending as we speak at a fairly big US publishing company. It seems that Ortus might have gotten stuck on the bottom of their inbox though, so this an attempt to generate some buzz. Please know that what you see on the site is still the prototype and lacks some atmosphere to elevate the theme, but I'm sure you guys can look beyond that.

Furthermore you can check out the company I've set up, offering custom board and card game designs for companies and organizations, called FableSmith.

Let me know what you think! Thank you in advance.

Joost Das


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