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Playtesting opportunity in Michigan area

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Hey everyone, I know that people are often looking for an opportunity to get additional feedback from playtesters, especially people outside their immediate friends and family. This year DaveCon, a board game convention held in the Lansing area of Michigan, is going to have space set aside for designers to playtest their games. I ran a few casual playtests of my game there last year and got some useful feedback and after talking to the organizer they want to provide a general opportunity for game designers. The plan is to have an area set aside for game testing and promote time slots Saturday afternoon/evening where people can sign up to test a game along with casual playtesting throughout the convention with whatever attendees you get excited about your game.

If you are interested in playtesting at the convention or have any questions, email the organizer, Dave Rogers, at dave(dot) by August 15th to let him know. Please include the name of your game and a brief (1 paragraph) summary that can get put up on the website and signup sheets.

DaveCon starts at 7pm Friday 9/27 and runs through Sunday 9/29 and is generally focused on board/strategy games. In terms of size, they had about 100 gamers attend last year. For more information about the convention you can go the the event website at:

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