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Pre Orders for Surfing Tour now up

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Yes, I told y'all it was coming.

"You should know by now, Pocket Sports does what Pocket Sports says it's going to do!"

Ok...I borrowed that last line from Brock Lesnar.....but we do come through wtih our little sports game and this makes game #19

It's a throwback to when we first made games. Simple, fast and fun. 5 dice, rules and custom dice bag. That's all you get, that's all you need.

No fancy packaging for whinging retailers. No distributors putting more on top so you pay more. Drink straight from the fountain.....yes....that's it....drink it all! *cough*

6 locations to surf including Jefferey's Bay - you know that place Mick Fanning got attacked by a shark on live TV and punched it in the face! We've even thrown in Tavarua :)

It's a cool little game for $11.99 - 'nuff said! Get it now - ONLY 100 sets!

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