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Protospiel North - 2nd Year Invitation for Game Designers

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To All:

I am happy to announce and remind you that Protospiel North is back for a second year with HammerCon IV, November 2, 3 & 4, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hamilton, Ontario.

There will be a number of improvements this year, most notably the open table format for all 3 days.
Here is the link to all the details:

I hope to see everyone again, along with a bunch of new faces. Please forward information about P-North to anyone who might be interested. If you would like me to send an invitation to anyone, please let me know. This is not an invitation only event, but I don't mind taking a personal approach to recruiting new attendees.

Also, if you get multiple notifications about P-North, I apologize since I am sending emails via a number of groups that you may be signed up with.

Additionally, I hope to soon have a Facebook page for the event but there is the P-North News page on the HammerCon site that I will be updating with new developments.

As usual, feel free to contact me about everything and anything. See you in November!


Francois Valentyne

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