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Protospiel South pre-registration closes on April 30.

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Hello All,

In the spirit of Protospiel, Protospiel South is a gathering for amateur and established game designers to test and promote nearly-finished game prototypes. The atmosphere is casual, yet everyone is serious about their goals and dreams of publishing games.

Although no formal panels are planned, many employees from Steve Jackson Games will be present and willing to offer useful advice to help you make your games more marketable. (Although I can't 100% promise it, it's very likely that SJ will be there on Saturday.)

Pre-registration for Protospiel South 2010 closes on April 30. After that, you can still register at the door, but at an increased price.

May 28, 29 and 30 in Austin, TX

Friday, May 28: Noon to 10 PM
Saturday, May 29: 8 AM to 10 PM
Sunday: May 30: 8 AM to 4 PM

Looking for more? You can learn more about Protospiel South, pre-register for Protospiel South, and discuss Protospiel South with the organizers and other people at

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I’m looking forward to hearing the reports from Protospiel South.

We have previously had several Protospiel West events and even a Protospiel in Australia.

And of course our traditional Michigan event for 9 years with 2010 being our 10th. I’m bias toward the latter but Protospiel is not a time and place. It is instead an idea where designers help designers and where we are lucky publishers help us too.

Good luck and if Steve happens to show up all the better although I know his constituents have matters well in hand.

Hey that includes you now =)

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