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Relentless: the Game of Non-Stop Zombie Carnage, is Coming!

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Relentless:  the game of non-stop zombie carnage!

Brace yourselves... it's FUNDED! Crucifiction Games is happy to announce that the Kickstarter for our brand new, nailbiting, no-holds-barred, edge-of-your seat zombie vs. humans card game "RELENTLESS" is officially funded!

Relentless pits the lone survivor of the zompocalypse against a town full of zombies. The Human's goal is to collect parts and rebuild a broken down jeep to make his escape... the whole while battling a horde of hungry zombies. The Zombie's goal is to close off all three Escape Routes out of town before the Human can make his getaway. The game is quick to learn, easy to play and great for beginners and experts alike. Game length is 20-30 minutes and is fine for kids 8+.

Of course, now that it's funded we're hoping to peg some awesome stretch goals: new zombies, bonus Character Cards, exclusive promo cards, etc. We could use your help, so if you want to get in on the Zompocalypse, please check it out! Feedback, comments (and pledges) welcome. :)

More details, cool artwork, background and a full video promo are available on the Kickstarter page.

Thanks and Game On!

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Congrats to you and your team on the funding of your game on kickstarter. Also welcome to the community.

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