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Shake Out! is now Roll n' Bump and coming soon.

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Joined: 02/09/2010

Oh man! I haven't posted anything here in FOREVER! So much to catch up on, mostly that Shake Out!, a game I published with The Game Crafter was picked up for publication earlier this year and I just got my courtesy boxes!! You can check out a little more about it as well as some pictures here:

Though the name of the game is now Roll n' Bump, the rules remain unchanged, except for a little addendum to support up to 6 player. (up from the original 4). It was the only change that was required by the publisher.

The plan is to have the game on store shelves in time for the holiday buying frenzy, so ask for it at your local game store!

Oh man.. I'm going to, totally, lose it the first time I see this in a store!.. Who am I kidding.. every damn time!

Otherwise, I've been kicking a few designs around with some of the local designers here in Ottawa. I'll post about them here when some stuff solidifies.

In closing, I would like to extend a big 'thank you' hug to the BGDF. You are all so inspiring and helped me out so much when I was developing Shake Out!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
I liked your name better

Hi Louis,

I personally liked your name for your game (Shake Out!). Roll n' Bump just doesn't sound as cool...

But hey at least they are willing to publish the game. What can I say? They should have published it as Shake Out! and sold it everywhere as that...

Cheers to you and your game.

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Congratulations, getting

Congratulations, getting published is the hardest part of being a game designer.

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Joined: 02/09/2010

Ya.. I like Shake Out! too.. someone here on the board came up with it, actually.. who was it again?

But, I'll take published under Roll n' Bump over not published at all ^_^

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