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Siam billionare

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Siam billionare Is a game in which players must use skills About management To get that one.
Players must manage the funds and assets that are owned.Players can choose group. For instance
Energy business; Communication business; Food business and other as infrastructure.Players must use their skills to manage funds ;Management time and resources available.Players can Speculate on what could happen Such as speculation.Players can expand their business To other businesses.The important thing in this game is the winner in this game requires skill and his own destiny.Siam Billionare Use the map Thailand for race.Thailand has contact an area with neighboring countries. in South-east Asia many countries.Thailand has a good landscape for business contacts.
Thailand has arts and culture of its own.Art of Thailand use in this game Have fineness and gorgeously.Which players have not seen from other games.Siam Billionare Is in the process of contacting the manufacturer to the distributor.If the company or Publishers want to buy copyright For sale.You can contact. We are happy to provide information and More details.

Please see the prototype @
Thank you

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