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Social deduction tabletop game goes online 3D- Throne of Lies

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3D Multiplayer Social Deduction Game Throne of Lies Seeking Funds on Kickstarter

Imperium42’s Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Lies & Deceit -- an online multiplayer game where social deduction skills are everything -- is now on Kickstarter seeking $20,000 in completion funds. It is inspired by tabletop game.

So far, Imperium42 Game Studio has raised $6,426 of a $20,000 funding goal and help more people to support the project. The campaign is set to end on February 24, and Throne of Lies is expected to arrive later in 2017. Steam users can also vote in the game’s Steam Greenlight entry.

The objective in Throne of Lies is simple: Discover who can be trusted ... and dispose of the rest. Corrupt royals are welcomed into the golden halls of the mysterious Castle Adiart -- while exiles are thrown into a desolate wasteland never to be seen again. Should the Good King of Blue Dragon remain on the throne -- or should the Corrupt King of Black Rose take the throne instead?

To achieve victory, deploy the most valuable weapon of all: your wit. In online sessions of up to 15 players, you must decide who to befriend, deceive, and destroy to make it out alive. Alliances will be formed, assassinations will be planned, and betrayal will come to light -- even with trusted allies. Every playthrough brings a new, unique, and intense multiplayer experience :)

Players begin their journey in Castle Adiart, where they are randomly assigned to one of the four factions:

•Blue Dragon - which relies on investigators to determine who is friend … and who is foe
•Black Rose - which can identify other members and communicate at night
•Neutral - which have a unique objective but cannot communicate at night
•Cult - which can recruit members from other factions and communicate at night with other members (with the exception of the Black Rose faction)

With more than 100 class abilities (e.g, Distract, Construct Reality, Bind Soul) and 30+ different class combinations to choose from, it’s easy to craft unique and effective strategies to further your claim to the throne.

With an intricate Day and Night phase system, Throne of Lies features different events that can take place depending on the time of day and a player’s faction. During the Day, players can discuss, accuse, and execute those who may be guilty of committing treason. At Night, secret meetings and murder can take place! If your faction wins, you gain “gp” (gold) and “xp” (experience) -- which unlock new skins, weapons, armor, auras, and more.

Unfortunately for the living, dead men do tell tales in Throne of Lies. The dead can keep enjoying the game by revealing deaths, chatting with other dead players, and playing a mini-game to reveal information to the living.

“Throne of Lies takes social deduction games to new heights with online multiplayer, along with high-end 3D graphics and music,” says Dylan Hunt, founder and lead developer at Imperium42. “If you like strategy or role-playing games such as Werewolf/Mafia or even Sherlock Holmes, you’ll love playing Throne of Lies with your friends.”

Key Features
•Choice-driven gameplay: Will you choose to hide in the shadows or destroy those who get in your way? It’s up to you!
•Deep class system: Discover over 100 class abilities and 30+ different class combinations.
•Unique Day/Night system: Shed light on those you can trust by Day -- and dispose of the rest by Night!
•No pay-to-win unlocks: Earn traditional/full skins, new weapons, armor, and even auras as you advance.
•Online multiplayer: Join in sessions with up to 15 players; interrogate, betray, befriend, and kill others to defeat opposing factions.
•Creativity counts: Taunt your enemies by drawing "Deathnotes" to leave with bodies -- drawn with blood and ink.
•It’s good to be King: Rise up to inherit the throne once the King has been killed!
•Stylish justice: Execute those committed of treason using any equipped weapon.

Pricing & Availability
Throne of Lies is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000. If funded, Throne of Lies will initially launch on Windows, with Linux and Mac ports arriving at a later date.

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