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Sovereign Chess Available for Pre-Order

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Happy 2018! I am currently in production with Sovereign Chess, and have set up my website ( for pre-orders of the Alpha Edition.

This set will contain 140 pieces in 12 different colors, with rules for both Sovereign Chess and Sovereign Chess Royale, a new 4-player variant. The pieces are plastic "analysis-size" pieces, roughly 1 inch in diameter, with a king about 2.5 inches tall. If you watch the video on our website, the players are using pieces of this size.

The board is 24 x 24 inches, with a quad-fold to fit into a 13 x 13 inch box. There are dividers included in the set to help you separate your pieces by color.

I am expecting final shipment of games in April 2018 for a May release.

Feel free to let me know any questions you may have.

Mark Bates

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