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Spielbany Public Previews

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Friendly Menace
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Joined: 03/23/2011

The big list of Spring Spielbany previews has been posted on our site I'll be updating it as more entries come in.

Read the blurbs then vote for the most buzz-worthy prototypes here

No, I don't know what the most buzzworthy games will win. Maybe they'll get priority at the table which we'll be streaming live online during the event or just a pat on the back.


Friendly Menace
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Joined: 03/23/2011
Current Voting!

Here is how the voting currently stands. Jump in and be heard!

Votes Game
4 (41)ZOMBOREE, Richard Durham (6-16p, 30-90m)
4 (45)HONOR AND GLORY SPEED ADVENTURE GAME, Vincent Armella (3-8p, 60-90m)
3 (13)PRIME TIME, Gil Hova (3-6p, 45-90m)
3 (19)MYTHIC DICE, Tom Kiehl (2-10p, ???)
3 (26)IN RUINS, Andy Van Zandt (2-4p, 90-180m)
3 (36)A TRAVEL GUIDE FOR THE TIME TRAVELER, David Schwenker (2-6p, 60m)
2 (1)THE ACTS OF THE DISCIPLES, Jeff Warrender (3-5p, 60min)
2 (12)THE SWORD MERCHANTS, Gil Hova (2/3-4/5p, 120m)
2 (16)GLITCH, Michael Pearsall (2-5p, 30m)
2 (17)ALL FOR ONE, Seth Jaffee (3-5p, 60m)
2 (25)ABRAXAS, John Velonis (2-6p, 45-60m)
2 (32)HARD WIRED, Ariel Seoane (2-4p, 30m)
2 (33)WATER TO WATER, Matthew Kiehl (2-6p, 60m)
2 (39)LORD AND LAND, Daniel Purdy (3-4p, 120-180m)
2 (43)NOTTINGHAM, Richard James (4-7p, 60m)
1 (2)ACTS OF THE APOSTLES, Jeff Warrender (3-5p, 60min)
1 (3)DICE TEMPLE, Jeff Warrender (2-4p, 20min)
1 (15)BLUE CHIPS, Michael Pearsall (3-6p, 60-75m)
1 (23)MARTIAN RAILS, P.D. Magnus (4p, 60m)
1 (24)NORTHWEST PASSAGE, John Velonis (3-4p, 60-90m)
1 (29)TRIBAL ARENA, James Buchanan (3-5p, 60-90m)
1 (38)KITTY CAT MEOW, David Schwenker (2-8p, 60m)

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